Friday, January 11, 2008

We'll Override the History

Dan Wilson Free LifeDan Wilson - I don't really need to say "of Trip Shakespeare and Semisonic fame" anymore, right? I mean, he has won a Grammy - so, anyway, Dan Wilson of solo fame is heading out on the road as part of the "Hotel Cafe" tour and is hitting a few choice Midwest locales (not Des Moines, sigh), including his hometown of M-Town Minneapolis.

Mar 27, 2008 Mr. Smalls Theatre Pittsburgh, PA
Mar 28, 2008 Park West Chicago, IL

Mar 29, 2008 High Noon Madison, WI

Mar 31, 2008 Fine Line Minneapolis, MN

Apr 1, 2008 Record Bar Kansas City, MO

Apr 3, 2008 Fox Theatre Boulder, CO

Apr 4, 2008 Bluebird Theatre Denver, CO

Apr 5, 2008 Avalon Theatre Salt Lake City, UT
Pre-sale tix here.

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