Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Shot At Redemption

Jeff Litman continues his righteous journey to becoming the best popster you've yet-to-but-should hear with a new rocking single released today called Debutante, "a sarcastic, political rant aimed at the empty suit on the political stage who feigns sincerity and riles up the mob in service to the wealthy and powerful interests that control him." In full disclosure, Jeff and I are on the same side of the fence politically, but the genius of the tune is that for the most part it is a universal evisceration of the empty politicos we've unfortunately become accustomed to. Check out the lyrics video below.

Jeff's plan for 2013 is to release a new single every so often. The next one is called Nothing and will be out within a couple months.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Love Comes Easy

And we made such a big deal about the time between Stone Roses albums?!

A couple weeks ago My Bloody Valentine finally released the followup to their legendary Loveless more than 20 years later. The reviews I've seen have been surprisingly positive considering these decades-in-the-making albums rarely meet expectations. I consider Loveless to be one of the best pop albums released in my lifetime. The pop just happens to be drowned in meticulously crafted noise. Love it.

The new album is simply called m b v and is only available through their official site in several formats here. Check out previews on YouTube.

I Am The Son And The Heir

Paul McCartney almost joined Johnny Marr's band in the 80s! Oh, wait, strike that. Reverse it. Either way it would've been a cool collaboration, particularly because this was around the time when Macca was hanging out with Elvis Costello. Talk about a super band.

Paul is also working on a new solo album with some hitmakers. Hopefully he'll avoid traipsing down the Rod Stewart path any further.

Finally, don't forget about Paul's collaboration with Nirvana sans Kurt called Cut Me Some Slack, which is available on iTunes as a single. It's a fun if insignificant addition to his oeuvre.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Know How Much It Helps To Talk About It

Check out Brendan Benson's new song, Oh My Love, streaming below!