Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We Will Learn to Live Again

As November turns into December and we await the long winter chill, a little Brandon Schott goes a long way to provide some much needed warmth...

Brandon Schott on iTunes and Amazon MP3

Get Behind the Perfect Christmastime

Guster has found the spirit of Christmas and it is at Target! Guster would like you to share the spirit of Christmas at Target.com. Guster, Merry Christmas. Me gusta Guster.

MP3: Guster - Tiny Tree Christmas (via Target)

Monday, November 29, 2010

I Wanna See You, Tomorrow the Green Grass

For those of you popsters who enjoy their daily dosage with a healthy splash of twang will be thrilled to hear the classic lineup of The Jayhawks are recording their first new album in 15 years!

"Our goal is to make the best Jayhawks album that's ever been done," Louris tells Rolling Stone. "Mark and I both feel that there is some business left undone and we got together and wrote some great songs."
I enjoyed sporadic Jayhawks tunes when they were together but never fully appreciated their legacy until they were gone. Being who I am I'm particularly partial to the pure pop of the Olson-less Smile, but how fun for us to have the classic lineup return! Expect a release in spring or summer of '11. In the meantime, there are some great chances to see them live in January! And you can read more about the reunion thanks to Rolling Stone.

You and Me Chasing Paper Getting Nowhere

In honor of the recent release of The Beatles on iTunes, the insanely talented and criminally under-known Jeff Litman continued his Monday covers series with Two of Us. Stellar, Mr. Litman.

In other Litman news, you have a few chances to catch him live. Check out your opportunities here.

And of course, if you don't already have his Postscript album, download it here to rectify that shameful oversight. Don't thank me; thank Jeff.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Not Near Enough

Powerpop fans have lost an icon today. Not Lame Recordings is officially closing up shop on November 24. Not Lame released many albums by powerpopsters and sold many other albums that would appeal to similarly-minded folks like us. The highlights for me have to be the box sets for Jellyfish and The Posies - both classics from classic artists. Not Lame always felt like a makeshift community in a way; like we had secret insight into the powerpop world thanks to Not Lame guru Bruce Brodeen. Bruce knows his powerpop and was always responsive whenever I'd email him - talk about incredible customer service. But in a post-Napster world, the model simply didn't work anymore. Bruce promises to stay involved in music and encourages us to sign up for Rock and Roll Tribe, a social network he created with a partner earlier this year, and the upcoming Pop Geek Heaven, which seems to hold some promise for those of us feeling a void where Not Lame once held its place. Sign up at those sites to learn more.

Not Lame was indeed never lame. We'll miss it and wish Bruce the best of luck.

All The Money's Gone

Apple and The Beatles did indeed confirm the addition of The Beatles' catalog on iTunes today. You can get all the original albums and their accompanying documentary videos in addition to last year's box set, Past Masters, and the Red and Blue albums. Missing are releases such as Let It Be ... Naked, 1, etc. Those are for another day I'm sure. Most unique and available on the box set is Live at Washington Coliseum, 1964, the video of The Beatles' very first US performance.

The Beatles on iTunes

Monday, November 15, 2010

I'll Get You In The End

And they did. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a deal has finally been reached to release Beatles music on iTunes after years of speculation. Apple is making an "exciting announcement" about iTunes tomorrow, teasing it as "just another day [t]hat you'll never forget."

This is huge. It opens up the music for the upcoming generations who can't quite understand what an LP is and might not be interested in old fogey music that isn't even available legitimately through on online retailer. The Beatles music shouldn't only be a soundtrack to a video game. It can shape the way you experience and fulfill your love of music as it did for me. Do you remember discovering The Beatles for yourself? I did it 25+ years ago and I've been enjoying sharing the discovery with my kids throughout their early years.

Tomorrow will be fun. And just in time for the holidays.

Friday, November 12, 2010

You Say I Love You But You've Got No Clue

Here's another gem I've been sitting on.  The Orkids.  I happened upon them because I work with their keyboardist, Joshua (far left in the picture).  :-)

Think power pop with edgy guitars and strong synths.  Sandra's vocals are reminiscent of Gwen Stefani, but nicer IMHO.

MTV just named them this week's Needle In A Haystack.  The tune below, Told You So, is exceptional.  Check it out.

Free Download of I Told You So

Other standout tracks include Paper Dolls and Rain On Me.  Check out their EP, Paper Dolls.

Their Home
Their Tweets

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Baby Come On

Former Oasis jester Liam Gallagher's new band Beady Eye has officially released it's first new tune and it's as retro as you'd expect. Bring the Light is available as a free download as of today. Use the widget below or go to their official site. More news from the new band coming soon.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Kinda Catchy

Out now is a new compilation featuring the genius of the original psychedelic madman Syd Barrett - cleverly titled An Introduction to Syd Barrett. Fellow Pink Floydian David Gilmour served as the executive producer of the album, which includes 18 tunes from Syd's solo days as well as the early Pink Floyd days. Check out the video for Here I Go on Facebook.

iTunes (includes the 20-minute instrumental Rhamadan)
Amazon MP3

Open Up Your Mind

Guster has finally revealed the last video for Easy Wonderful. Guster has done well. Guster invites you to view all the videos here. Guster is coming to Des Moines 1/27 and elsewhere on other days. Me gusta Guster!

Do What You Want from Guster on Vimeo.

Can't This Car Go Any Faster?

It's a rare treat when Dada hits the road these days, yet they seem to find time to get back together every year around New Year's Eve. This year? Chicago on the 30th, Philly on the 31st to bid adieu to 2010, and Boston on the 1st to welcome 2011. More here. I've seen them twice - granted back in their prime Puzzle days - and they are a must-see. They put on a hell of a show.

UPDATE: "dada has just announced a second show at Schubas in Chicago. In addition to the original show on 12/30, the guys will be stopping by the night before, Wednesday, 12/29. Tickets go on sale this Saturday. Visit http://www.dadatheband.com/tour for ticket links and venue information."

Monday, November 08, 2010

So Serene

Mansfield University Radio, WNTE, recently had a Jellyfish special featuring their songs, but more importantly demos, live performances, solo projects, collaborations, and a few surprises!
A must listen for the Jellyfish Fans out there!  Show is embedded below.