Monday, April 02, 2018

Matthew Sweet - Tomorrow's Daughter

Matthew Sweet returns to the road this spring and summer (and by road I really mean it - his dislike of flying is well documented) and surprisingly brings along the news of a new (re)release. It appears Tomorrow's Daughter is getting its own moment. Originally it was a bonus album for certain pledge levels of his long-gestated Kickstarter campaign for last year's Tomorrow Forever. This is his most significant one-two punch since 2003-2004 when his (at the time) Japan exclusive and utterly fantastic Kimi Ga Suki * Raifu was followed by the mostly acoustic Living Things.

Tomorrow's Daughter is worthy of its own release and in many ways is more focused and satisfying at 12 songs than its mother album that felt overlong at 17. It doesn't quite have a killer single like his best 90s work or even Tomorrow Forever, but for those of us that have been along every step of the way, it doesn't disappoint. For me, Something Someone and Ever After are standouts. No word on the official release date or whether it will be any different from last year's version, but then again, it's sometimes tough to get info on Sweet. All this was buried in an article posted on the Des Moines venue's event page for his show this summer. And buried in that article is an announcement of yet another new album called Wicked System of Things to be released later this year! Three albums in two years? How about some vinyl reissues of some older stuff too? Loving this resurgence.

Now back to the tour. It kicks off in Atlanta on May 23 and wraps up in Nashville in July. Keep it up, Mr. Sweet. The full tour is listed on his website. I'll see you in Des Moines June 27!

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