Thursday, June 30, 2011

Make a Promise to No One

Toad the Wet Sprocket is releasing a new album around this time next year! So said Glen Phillips tonight in Des Moines where Toad played two new tunes, everything else you'd want to hear, plus Way Away, Torn, and Come Back Down from their first two albums! Also learned Glen's dad is from Algona, Iowa and Glen invited many cousins to the show tonight!

Toad still delivers an emotional wallop for those of us nostalgic for the 90s. Catch them on tour this summer if they're coming close!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Make It Stop

Ames, Iowa's own radioheaders The Envy Corps is offering you a free download. Well, it'll cost you your email address and unfortunately you'll never get it back. Free ain't free, bub.

Make It Stop is from their upcoming release It Culls You.

The Boy Who Ate Your Heart

Liam Finn's new album FOMO is stunningly awesome and ranks near the top of my dreadfully short 2011 best-of-so-far list. Of course considering his pedigree you should not be surprised.

FOMO is sprinkled with hooks a'plenty but just as you're settling in and expecting a right turn he does a somersault. It's a fun and fast listen without something new and interesting to discover in each song. Just downloaded it last night and listened to it about four times already.

Official Site

Low Low Slo-Mo

It's Wilco's world. We're just here to blog about it.

New album The Whole Love comes out 9/27. Preview the new 7" single I Might here and pre-order it here. Love the organ, kids.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm Always Reading Every Useless Piece Garbage That You Send My Way

Weird Al's latest album is out! If you're a fan, and why wouldn't you be, download it today! There are 4 songs that were previously on his Internet Leaks EP plus a whole slew more.

Standout tracks:

Skipper Dan
Party In the CIA

Full Album in iTunes

I'll Stay 'til Every Flower Dies

From Matthew Sweet's official site:

The release date for Matthew's latest long-awaited album has been set.
"Modern Art" will be available on September 13, 2011
F#ck yeah! Plus he's touring. Check out dates here.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Brushing the Hands of Time Away

Are The La's reuniting? Lee Mavers, the seemingly conflicted genius behind the pure pop joy of The La's, played a live show in Manchester for the first time in two years tonight. Preceding the show, The La's popped up on Facebook, Twitter, and a new form of communication called the World Wide Web. Cutting edge those La's.

Who knows. Just like The Stone Roses, The La's blew everybody away with their incredible debut album. Unlike The Stone Roses, The La's failed to ever release an inferior sophomore album. Maybe status quo is ok for some bands.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Kicking Back All That Fury

Mates of States announced this today on Facebook ...

Alright, BIG NEWS!! We are set to release a new album, "Mountaintops", on 9/13 via Barsuk. Check the tracklist out below.
01. Palomino
02. Maracas
03. Sway
04. Unless I'm Led
05. Total Serendipity
06. Basement Money
07. At Least I Have You
08. Desire
09. Change
10. Mistakes

Enjoyed Re-Arrange Us quite a bit, but I know its polished sound alienated some old fans. We'll see where they turn with Mountaintops. Sounds, er, lofty.