Friday, February 26, 2010

Just Play Along

Ike's latest album, Tie the Knot With All That You Got, is now available in iTunes and Amazon. I haven't listened to it yet, but I did enjoy Ike's previous albums.

As a reminder, Ike frontman John Faye was vocals and guitar for the 90's power pop band The Caulfields. The Ike's previous albums have a very similar sound. TooPoppers should at least have The Caulfields' Whirligig in their collection.

Turn In To Something Beautiful

Coldplay is back in the studio with Brian Eno and hopes to release the follow-up to their smash Viva La Vida by Christmas.

"It's quite different from anything they've done before, I think, so far anyway. I don't know how it will end up being, but it's very fresh."
Who'd thunk how far this little band would come when we first heard Yellow?!

Your Time Has Come To Shine

Bridge Over Troubled WaterGoldmine has a great story commemorating the 40th anniversary of Simon and Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Water, both the song and the album.

At 40 years old, the song remains timeless, transcending genre and era, one of the most glorious five-minute musical achievements of the 20th century — and now, the 21st, as well.
No doubt is it a timeless classic. To this day it remains a favorite car trip tune in the 2poppy family; the same is true for the bulk of the Garmon and Sifunkel catalog.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

You're Only Looking For Someone To Love

GirlfriendBerkeley Repertory Theatre, the visionaries that brought you the Broadway-bound Green Day's American Idiot, has released many more details on its upcoming Girlfriend, a musical built around Matthew Sweet's landmark album.

Meeting in homeroom. Holding hands. Cheering from the stands. That awkward first kiss. In the world premiere of Girlfriend at Berkeley Rep, boy meets boy. It's an eternal story turned upside down, a dual-Romeo duet that's innocent - and Sweet. "Girlfriend is the breathless testimony of a fool for love," raves Rolling Stone, "a rock ‘n' roll valentine that delivers subtle wisdom with an exhilarating kick." Fall in love with the boy next door at Girlfriend.
The music is so universal that I think this has great potential. Girlfriend is one of the most important albums in my life so why would I think otherwise? I haven't heard a peep about it from Matthew Sweet himself. Green Day never hesitated to embrace the musical. Matthew Sweet - Broadway bound?

Girlfriend opens April 14 and runs through May 9.

Voices Trapped In Yearning

Here's a nice piece on Vancouver Olympic Queen Sarah McLachlan, complete with the following money shot...

When I sing, I get kinda high -- that's the only way to describe it. It just puts me at a really peaceful place. It's like when you drone or chant, there's something about the toning, it's releasing something really magical. I don't know, I don't talk about it much, I just do it. It's the same as laughing, like having an orgasm, it just releases all this energy.
Oh happy thoughts.

The Province is also offering her Olympic anthem One Dream as a free download here for a limited time.

MP3: Sarah McLachlan - One Dream (via The Province)


You Have To Be As Attractive As Possible

Nada Surf is releasing a new album in conjunction with a tour commencing in late March. In other words, you need to be at the concert to get the album if i had a hi-fi (although a digital release is expected sometime thereafter) - a covers compilation with some interesting choices.

“Electrocution” (Bill Fox)
“Enjoy the Silence” (Depeche Mode)
“Love Goes On” (The Go-Betweens)
“Janine” (Arthur Russell)
“You Were So Warm” (Dwight Twilley)
“Love and Anger” (Kate Bush)
“The Agony of Laffitte” (Spoon)
“Bye Bye Beaute” (Coralie Clement)
“Question” (Moody Blues)
“Bright Side” (Soft Pack)
“Evolution” (Mercromina)
“I Remembered What I Was Going to Say” (The Silly Pillows)
They've graciously provided Electrocution as a free download just to get you excited. No official release of their much-shared cover of OMD's If You Leave, but you can find that at the link below. Go to their official site to get the full list of shows, some of which are already sold out. I saw them back when they were "popular" but I never appreciated them as I do now.

MP3: Nada Surf - Electrocution (Bill Fox cover)
MP3: Nada Surf - If You Leave (OMD cover) - (via Knox Road, scroll down)

We Spotted The Ocean

Toad is hitting the road! They kick-off in San Diego in early March. I've seen them a few times back in their heyday and it was always a good show.

3/10/2010- San Diego, CA- Anthology (2 shows)
3/11/2010- Redondo Beach, CA- Brixton South Bay
3/12/2010- Santa Ana, CA- Galaxy Concert Theatre
3/13/2010- Agoura Hills, CA- The Canyon Club
3/14/2010- San Luis Obispo, CA- Downtown Brewing Company
5/14/2010- Richardson, TX- Wildflower Arts and Music Festival
5/15/2010- Houston, TX- House of Blues
5/16/2010- Austin, TX- Antone’s Nightclub
5/26/2010- Glenside, PA- Keswick Theatre
5/27/2010- Alexandria, VA- The Birchmere
5/28/2010- Alexandria, VA- The Birchmere
5/29/2010- Annapolis, MD- Ram’s Head On Stage
7/04/2010- O’Fallon, MO- Heritage and Freedom Festival
7/23/2010- San Francisco, CA- The Fillmore
7/24/2010- Napa, CA- Uptown Theater

TheirSpace will be updated as more dates are announced.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Its Like A Relic From A Different Age

Paul McCartney fans in Phoenix, Arizona and Los Angeles, California will be happy to hear that Sir Paul will be "touring" there in March.

The "Up & Coming Tour" (um, is he new?) kicks off there? Only these two dates have been announced. At this time, I'm not sure if there are more dates coming or not. As always, we'll keep you updated.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And In The End

Here's a once in a lifetime chance to own a piece of Beatles history that has been shared by such other Too Poppy luminaries like Pink Floyd and Radiohead - Abbey Road Studios!

[EMI] has put the legendary Abbey Road studios up for sale, according to the Financial Times, apparently in an attempt to reduce their debts.

I Haven't Smiled Since Yesterday

I'm OK... You're OKJason Falkner's album I'm OK ... You're OK, first covered here nearly three years ago when its Japanese release was imminent, is finally officially out in the US. Of course this comes after last year's Japanese release of his newest All Quiet on the Noise Floor. Go figure. I know Jason wants us to be patient for the US release of All Quiet, but I hope it's not three years.

The US version of OK has a couple different mixes from the original import for you completists. Enjoy.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Honey, Ain't Life Sweet?

Just about 24 hours ago Matthew Sweet delivered the best news I've heard all year via Twitter:

News Update: I'm well into the recording of my next album! Working title is Modern Art.
Rock ON! Sunshine Lies was a great album but it wasn't enough. How about a double album this time, Mr. Sweet?!

Your Time Has Come

Rooney's latest release is an EP called Wild One. Last fall it was only available at their shows, but now it's available for download for less than four bucks!

Sample the tunes first here. Enjoy.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Leave Your Sorrows

Ah, the power of the Internet age. Bryan Scary is using a novel online approach to fund the new BS & The Shredding Tears' album Daffy's Elixir. If you pledge a certain amount of $$ for the album, you'll be rewarded with some amazing items. Sure, autographed albums, t-shirts, etc. are yours for the pledging, but if you contribute $1,000 or more they'll write a song about you. Priceless! The best news is that they're already near their goal so this new album will surely be recorded!

Check out a demo for The Wicked Frontier, the anticipated lead track. As always, deliciously Jellyfishy.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Peace and Joy Be With Them

Evidently his fine work on Spring Awakening has awakened a whole new Duncan Sheik. American Psycho will be a musical and Sheik is the man to make it so. Kudos if he can pull it off without sounding ridiculous.

How Your Flame Keeps Burning

Sarah McLachlan has released a new Vancouvery video for One Dream just in time for the Winter Olympics. You might just be hearing this quite a bit in the next couple of weeks.

Official Site

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

See It Burn

NPR has the lovely new tune from Rogue Wave streaming now! Solitary Gun is the lead track on the new album Permalight, which will be available March 2.
The lead track, "Solitary Gun," provides an apt transition from Asleep at Heaven's Gate to the rest of the lively Permalight, taking the most comforting aspects of the band's cathartic melodies and punching them up; the result is one of the most upbeat pop songs Rogue Wave has made in a long time.
Stunningly retrorrific. Sounds like Nada Surf at their very best. Can't wait to hear the rest.

Rogue Wave is also offering a free download of the tune. Instructions here.

Control Yourself

Grammy-nominated MGMT is following up its well-received major label debut Oracular Spectacular with the release of Congratulations on April 13. Expect less irony and a darker tone.

Pre-order here.
Download Oracular Spectacular via Amazon MP3 or iTunes.

Help I'm Alive

In chill-the-fuck-out news, Metric fended off attacks for trying to do the right thing by designing a special t-shirt to help Haiti. Evidently, some over-sensitive types thought the original design was both too self-serving and insensitive. I call bullshit. I also think both designs suck. Listen to their great music and contribute elsewhere.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Everything You Do Is Magic Lately

Here's the new video from the Stereophonics, "Could You Be The One". I'm digging it. I do wish the chorus didn't repeat so much and that there'd be a bigger payoff for the buildup though. Let me know what you think.

Friday, February 05, 2010

The Weeds Are Choking Out The Sun

Guster goes green again. Guster wants you to learn more...

Guster is still in the studio. Guster leaves us hanging. Guster explains. Me gusta Guster.

Spread the Love Around

Ben Folds has announced quite a few tour dates running from 2/13 in Pennsylvania through 7/24 in Kentucky. Alas, no Iowa. No matter, I probably wouldn't go anyway. I still haven't listened much to his latest. What kind of pop music blogger am I?

A bored one.

Laugh, Kookaburra, Laugh, Kookaburra

Evidently a key part of Men At Work's classic Down Under was stolen from the classic kid's tune Kookaburra.

C'mon. That one is a bit of a stretch. An Australian court didn't think so.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I'm Still Enchanted by Your Funny Ways

Pat DiNizio of The Smithereens has an incredible offer for those of you in New Jersey: lessons in songwriting, singing, and guitar! Unreal. Get all the details here.

Also, catch up on the latest Smithereens and DiNizio tour dates - including several living room performances - at TheirSpace. Rock on.

I'd Really Like to See You Again

NPR had a great feature on "The Unluckiest Band in America" today. Big Star has had an immeasurable impact on the many Too Poppy-friendly bands that would come after, but they never had their true moment of glory. Check out the great segment documenting their story and buy the new box set to catch up.


Dancing with the Devil's Past

New music from Garbage?

"Guess who I just spent a week in the studio with?" Manson wrote, before adding, "Would you be pleased if I said one of them was called Steve and one of them was called Duke and another was a Grammy-winning producer?"

Last album Bleed Like Me was DOA. Hope anything new will be more inspired.