Friday, January 11, 2008

I Don't Know Owe You Nothing

2poppy's goals for 2008: "Uh, I dunno. Accomplish something."

Joseph Arthur's goals for 2008:

Arthur is planning to release four EPs and a new studio album this year, all through his own Lonely Astronaut label, with distribution by RED.
Joseph Arthur wins!

The six-song EP Could We Survive comes out March 18.
"Could We Survive," which begins with the anti-war track "Rages of Babylon," has a mix of "bigger production songs and some more lo-fi ones. I like putting those kinds of things together. On a sonic level, it's much more dynamic."
Crazy Rain and Boredom comes out April 15 followed by two more EPs May 13 and June 24. The full-length album All You Need Is Nothing is scheduled for release August 5.

It's an incredibly ambitious release schedule and I applaud him. I hope the quality of the music matches the quantity, but with Arthur, that's a pretty safe bet.

New to Joseph Arthur? I'd personally recommend starting with Come To Where I'm From or Redemption's Son, two outstanding albums.

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