Thursday, November 02, 2006

That Is You Can't You Know Tune In But It's Alright

The Beatles LoveYou can now preview four tracks from the upcoming Beatles Love release. Hear reworked versions of Strawberry Fields Forever, Octopus' Garden, Lady Madonna, and While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Sounds cool if I could listen longer than 3 seconds without the aggravating "audio buffering..." crap coming up. Go here. You must be registered. If you're not, this might be a good reason to do so. If you choose not to, well, move on and wait until 11/21.

About the album:

The album features 26 tracks re-worked by George and Giles Martin for the LOVE show in Las Vegas, an incredible music and visual experience created out of the collaboration between The Beatles and Cirque Du Soleil. The result is an unprecedented approach to the music.

LOVE will be released on Monday November 20th. The stereo CD will contain 78 minutes of music, and features 26 tracks.

Simultaneously released will be a special 2 disc edition that will include the stereo CD and an Audio only DVD containing a slightly extended version in amazing 5.1
surround sound.


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