Friday, November 03, 2006

Your Attention Please, But Please Not Your Sympathy

Dada the Banddada is releasing a new EP on December 12:

"A Friend Of Pat Robertson" features 5 new tracks, including the EP's title track, "72 Hours," "7 Dot 1," "Emily Sang To Me," and "If Tears Were Balloons." The CD will come in a full-color digipack.
Wow, a full-color digipack! I have been waiting for one of those for YEARS!

You can listen to A Friend of Pat Robertson and 7 Dot 1 on theirspace, but that's really not news now is it. AFoPR is pretty good, but 7D1 kinda sucks. Never know. Things tend to sound better on a stereo, not a work computer. Imagine that. You can order the EP and listen to clips from all the songs here. They also expect it to be available on iTunes.

And evidently, they're really hoping to win this year's coveted Lame Ass Album Cover award. Yikes.

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