Thursday, November 02, 2006

I'm Bald and Badly Bent, Old and Arrogant

VanillaLooking for a way to revisit Wings-era 70s rock without actually listening to old music you've heard a thousand times? Vanilla has released their self-titled debut album and it sounds exactly as if you discovered a new band from 1977.

Not Lame says:

The sound here is progressive power pop perfection, a true pop tapestry mixing sly elements of Jellyfish, XTC, mid/late 80`s Elvis Costello, McCartney Wings-era, Wondermints and Jon Auer. Even a bit of Pink Floyd.
I'm digging the sound clips. They capture a nice variety in their seemingly limited palatte of 70s rock stylings. This is one to explore a bit more.

Listen to clips here and here.
MP3: Vanilla - Liar's Club (via)

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