Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I Want to Relive All My Adolescent Dreams

Guster Ganging Up On the SunGuster released its fifth full-length studio album this week - Ganging Up On the Sun. Guster is always a recommended purchase in the world of too poppy. Guster should be happy about this review. Guster must like hearing its new CD is "the work of a band who matters." Guster should be slightly irritated by this mostly positive review. Guster must think the AV Club only listened to the two songs it made available long before the full-length was released.

Guster expects you to download Ganging Up On the Sun at iTunes or purchase it at your favorite local independent music store. Guster would also like to remind you, speaking of indie music stores, to purchase the exclusive One Man Wrecking Machine EP that is only available at the cool places (despite ZZZ Records being the coolest in Des Moines, it's not available there).

Guster has its video for One Man Wrecking Machine and its other tunes here. Guster has given the world an excellent, slow-burning, likable lovable new CD, one to savor all summer long. Guster should be proud. Me gusta Guster.

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