Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lines Evermore Unclear

Keane Under the Iron SeaKeane's new album came out this week too. So far so good. I'm still not a huge fan of the single, but it has grown on me a bit. Under the Iron Sea is being called "darker," "sounding a bit too much like U2" (which I've determined to be the laziest critical comparison next to 'Beatlesque'), and "interminable." I think the latter is a bit harsh, particularly because they're talking about one of the tunes that stood out to me on first listen (Crystal Ball).

For "bittersweet" and "dramatic" music, Keane holds its own quite well with others that have come before, like Coldplay and Travis. In fact, I think Keane lasts a bit longer, for me anyway. In the battle of falsettos, Keane's Tom Chaplin beats the others quite handily. Radiohead and U2 comparisons are way off. They are both in their own leagues so just stop with that.

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