Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tune It All Out and Turn It Up Too Loud

Time to catch up with dada (the band). The last we heard from them was their less-than-great 2004 reunited (and it should have felt so good) CD, How to Be Found. No, I'm not here to announce a new CD. Rather, it's an opportunity to buy dada merchandise ON SALE! Don't ever say this blog doesn't serve a public purpose.

If the guys ever bring their live show out of California again, I highly recommend it. I've seen them twice in two very different venues (Chicago and Des Moines) and both times they exceeded my expectations. The drummer is excellent.

And if you haven't listened to their debut Puzzle in a while, I'd recommend doing that too. If you don't have it, the sale (!!!) is a good opportunity to buy the reissue at a reduced price (keep in mind only their self-titled and underappreciated 1998 release is available on iTunes and not on the dada site -- iTunes also has a few choice cuts from Puzzle). Get past the gimmicky Dizz Knee Land (although "I just flipped off President George" is likely a crowd favorite these days) and spend time with greats like Dim, Moon, Posters, Dorina -- really, the whole damn album.

Finally, check out dada-offshoot Butterfly Jones and Joie Calio's solo release, which are both excellent and are both better than How to Be Found (and both on sale too).

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