Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Our Shadows Will Remain

The first and possibly only complete cd I ever downloaded and burned from the old cool Napster was Joseph Arthur's Come to Where I'm From. It took some time but I've since rectified it by purchasing this and his other albums.

He's come a long way since then and his latest album Our Shadows Will Remain created quite a buzz. Rolling Stone Critic Chris Rubin has called it the best album of 2004 (Nod to the Faint's Joel Peterson and Broken Spindles in at 8). USA Today says. "Shades of David Bowie, that godfather of so many adventurous modern rock acts, keep popping up on this latest effort from critical and cult favorite Arthur. Folding funk, punk and pop textures into arrangements that are at once raw and gracefully atmospheric, the singer/songwriter glides from lithe, pulsating numbers such as ‘Wasted' to the rougher, more muscular ‘Devil's Broom.'"

Even Dan the Automator has gotten on the Arthor bandwagon remixing his song Even Tho. For those who do like remixes (I do) you can find it on the 14th Floor Label.

For those new to JA check out some of my favorites. Chemicals, Honey and Moon, Redemption's Son, and In the Sun. Unfortunately Come to Where I'm From isn't offered in iTunes but you can hear samples on Amazon. I hope you like it as much as I do.


2poppy said...

He's got some great songs. One of my favorites is In the Night. Very cool. Hopefully that remix will leak out one of these days.

The Great Bronsinki said...

I agree. I looked quite a bit for it. Saw the video for the original version. Very cool. I missed him one day when I was in Chicago. Still bummed.

2poppy said...

Listening to Blue Lips right now from Redemption's Son. Damn, this guy is incredible.