Saturday, October 29, 2005

I Hope You Feel The Way That I Do

Let me have this. I have a soft spot for Mandy Moore. It all began one warm summer afternoon when I saw the video for Crush. She bit her knee. Yes, she literally bit her knee. And for some reason, I was smitten.

Then she released Coverage, an album full of some choice covers. I was quite impressed, and it was quite cool that she worked with the likes of John "Strawberry" Fields and Andy Sturmer. And it gave me hope that she was something above and beyond the other blondies in the pop music world. She kinda has a cool voice that has a personality all its own. She even went brunette, which was pretty gutsy.

Now she's working with the likes of Adam Duritz and Chantal Kreviazuk for her new album. I realize Duritz of Counting Crows really hasn't done anything great since that first album, but what a great album! Sullivan Street?! Damn, gimme my iPod now. But Michelle Branch?!!? Mandy, you're slumming.

Come on, we all have our guilty pleasures.

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