Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You Will Be the Soundtrack of My Summer

Electro De Perfecto is the newest album from Mike Viola, one of our time's premier popsters. It should be out this spring or summer, just in time to make it the soundtrack to your summer. Judging by the first track he's released for our gracious consumption, it will undoubtedly be mine. Check out Sound Of My Summer on his Facebook immediately to start feeling that sunny warmth.

Official Site (if you're a big fan of vinyl, be sure to pick up his Candy Butchers' masterpiece Hang On Mike on vinyl for a limited time - this is the first time I've seriously considered an out-of-control vinyl habit)
Amazon MP3

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myhmphs said...

Mike Viola and the Nines putting something out within a few months of each other. Too good to be true...