Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trust in Desire

The Charlatans are releasing their 11th album Who We Touch on September 6, which hopefully means we'll see it in the states the next day. I'm astonished they're on their 11th album. I was really into their first few albums, but they lost me somewhere in those middle years. The last two albums have been quite good, which makes me think I should probably revisit those that I've missed. My favorite is probably their second, Between 10th and 11th, and I'm surprised Tim Burgess called it a "bit too much of a curveball." Hmm. No. Sounded just right to me at the time.

Here is more on the new one:
So, existentially, culturally, commercially, ‘Who We Touch’ is a big record for The Charlatans. In places, you may hear echoes, or hommages, reflecting music the band collectively hold dear – The Stooges, perhaps, in ‘Love Is Ending’’s crashing riff; The Byrds in Mark Collins’s solo on ‘My Foolish Pride’; etc etc – but they are still unmistakably themselves, only remodelled, reimagined, re-energized.
And here's the tracklist:
Love Is Ending
My foolish Pride
Your Pure Soul
Smash The System
Trust In Desire
When I Wonder
You Can Swim
Read all about it here.

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