Friday, March 12, 2010

Never Been Good With Change

June 22 is my wedding anniversary. This fact is irrelevant to you.

June 22 is the release date for the new Stars album The Five Ghosts. This fact may be relevant to you if you're a fan of Stars. After seeing this video though, you might change your mind.

Perhaps we shouldn't be allowed to see the creative process. It can be ugly at times and I scratch my head wondering how those terrible vocals and less-than-appealing personality end up into something quite nice in the finished package. Perhaps I'm just being cranky, but this is how I prefer my Stars: 14 Forever.

Dead Hearts
Wasted Daylight
I Died So I Could Haunt You
We Don't Want Your Body
He Dreams He's Awake
Never ...Been Good With Change
The Passenger
Last Song Ever Written
Winter Bones
Tour coming soon.

1 comment:

JKonfrst said...

Well that's just awful.

June 22 is a great date.