Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Mother Do You Think They'll Like The Song (Updated)

Pink Floyd today sued EMI Records for breach of contract over online music sales. According to the band their music is to be sold only as an album. EMI is of course denying the issue claiming the contract only covers physical albums and not digital sales.

I can understand the band's stance. Albums like The Wall or The Dark Side of the Moon are much more powerful in their complete presentation than their individual songs. But every now and then you just want to hear a song or two.

Regardless, if you haven't cherry-picked your favorite Floyd tunes, now might be the time.

Floyd Favorites in iTunes and Amazon

Update: Get out there now. A judge ruled in favor of Floyd. Individual tracks may be disappearing soon!

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2poppy said...

That's a great decision. I'm all in favor of having artists be able to distribute music in their own way. I agree I often listen to one or two Floyd tunes at a time, but they really are better in the context of the whole album.