Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Back In Time

Keane is releasing a new EP on May 10 called Night Train - cool art! Tracklist:
1. House Lights
2. Back In Time
3. Stop For A Minute (feat K'Naan)
4. Clear Skies
5. Ishin Denshin (You've Got To Help Yourself) (feat Tigarah)
6. Your Love
7. Looking Back (feat K'Naan)
8. My Shadow

Keane has always been one of those bands I sense I should listen to more often given their prime spot in the Too Poppy Spectrum of Aural Goodness and yet I don't. Go figure.

Pre-order the EP now here and reserve your numbered copy of a "beautiful" limited edition digipak. Really? Beautiful? Reminds me of the day when W2P and I were members of JAM - Jewel Box Advocates and Manufacturers. The primary goal was to eliminate wasteful long boxes (despite their usefulness in postering my bedroom walls) and ensure the jewel box was the practical and most protective standard. Digpaks?! Gack.

Ah, my first foray into policy advocacy. Good times. 

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