Tuesday, August 04, 2009

If We Must Start Again

Rumors about a "new" Beatles tune are starting to surface again. Two and a half years ago, we reported on the story of Now and Then, formerly known as I Don't Want to Lose You. It was another Lennon demo considered for release with Free As a Bird and Real Love when the Anthology series came out. The story was that the living Beatles couldn't really get it quite right so they abandoned efforts. Cynical minds may blame the tepid reception of the two other "new" Beatles tunes, which I enjoyed nonetheless. Who knows for sure.

Evidently McCartney won't let this one drop. BeatlesNews.com is suggesting it is quite ready for release. No one can definitively confirm it so my hopes aren't high. Unless they're looking to overshadow each on its own merits, it certainly won't come out in time to compete with the CD reissues and Rockband. Stranger things have happened in the business of the Beatles, though.

Thanks, My hmphs. He also shared this fan-created version of Now and Then to get a sense of what it may sound like. Upon first listen it makes me think someone asked the Flaming Lips to record a fictional Beatles tune. Me likey.

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