Monday, August 03, 2009

I Will Study What Is Real

A beautiful band name. A beautiful band. Two beautiful men, in balance with each other. Savage flowers of masculinity.
So goes the Facebook introduction of The Twilight Hours.The Twilight Hours - Dreams from Stereo Night
They are John Munson and Matt Wilson of Minneapolis.
Better. That's helpful and quite worthy of my attention.
They are the world’s foremost connoisseurs, students and historians of their own music.

The Twilight Hours is a must listen for any fan of Trip Shakespeare, Semisonic, or Bread (again information from Facebook). You can officially download Dreams via Amazon or iTunes; or listen to Forget Me Now and Stay With Me at their official site. These are songs seemingly from their album Stereo Night, but an official release date remains elusive. A certain friend of mine who shall remain nameless but was once infested with ringworm tells me September, but I'm a journalist at heart and wouldn't feel right reporting that as definitive without a second source. Let's hope, though, because I'd love to hear the rest!

Thanks, Sexy S!

UPDATE: Said ringworm friend has shared the following with me, allegedly from Mr. Munson's Facebook status:
John Munson The Twilight Hours, continuing in their FACEBOOK ONLY publicity campaign, want to announce they are playing The 400 BAR Friday night July 31! That's it til the big record release Sept. 18th at The Cedar.
I will leave you to come to your own conclusions.

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