Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Don't Care Where You've Been or What You Plan To Do

This is one of those rumors that I'm not sure I want to come true. One of those British tabloids is reporting the Stone Roses are planning a reunion tour this summer in support of a boxset rerelease of their self-titled debut, which easily ranks as a top-ten favorite around here.

Look, the Second Coming was hardly worthy of the title and nearly tarnished the legacy they left. But the debut was special. As Pitchfork notes, it "simultaneously gathers the disparate strands of UK rock in the 80s and predicts the Britpop of the 90s." Indeed, it's one for the ages. With that said, let it be. A reunion tour would be nothing but a money grab at worst and a nostalgic trip at best. Take a cue from The La's and keep it simple and cryptic.

Wow, twenty years though? Hell.

UPDATE: Ian Brown says no way. He's a bit important to the proceedings.

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