Monday, March 30, 2009

All Those Crazy Aspirations

Jeff Litman - PostscriptWho doesn't love a great break-up record? Girlfriend and Songs From the Year of Our Demise are two prime examples that happen to be favorites of mine. Jeff Litman's Postscript makes a noble attempt at greatness with this debut and announces a dazzling pure pop talent that you cannot and should not ignore.

With hooks and melodies that amount to gluttonous ear candy, Postscript is instantly catchy, heartwarming, heartbreaking, and familiar. His voice at times reminds me of Elvis Costello and Julian Lennon, and the tunes range from The Monkees to The Clash - this is a good place to be in.

The only rub (and it's definitely minor) is that Litman tends to straddle that line between familiar and overly derivative a bit too much. Way2Poppy and I had some fun playing Name That Tune (listen for Peter Pumpkinhead, Rainbow Connection, Is It Like Today?, and Isolation). In this genre derivation comes with the territory, but after a couple of listens it almost sounds like a crutch.

With all the goodness on this release, I have no doubt Litman will find his own voice and pave his own path. In the meantime, Postscript is perfect for days when the sun shines a bit longer.

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