Friday, January 23, 2009

I Found Out Then What Passion Could Mean

Wendy Under the Stars
Eat My Brain
Eternal Ecstasy
Truth Untold
Someone Who's Cool (mp3)
Heterosexual Man
Love is the Subject

Remember any of those tunes? Any self-respecting power pop fan who lived through the 90s should - and if not, now is your time to familiarize yourself with the Canadian group Odds.

Odds - CheerleaderIMHO, I don't think they ever equaled the greatness of their debut Neopolitan, but they certainly gave it a run with albums like Bedbugs, Good Weird Feeling, and Nest. Seemingly out of nowhere, they released an album last year (originally as The New Odds - blech) called Cheerleader. Despite my belated discovery of Northey Valenzuela, the Odds were simply not on my radar for anything new.

As the goofier brother to the North, they fit in nicely with the harmless alt pop of 90s icons (yes, icons in the Too Poppy world) like Toad the Wet Sprocket and Gin Blossoms yet they never met the same success, at least in the states. I doubt Cheerleader will reverse that, just as TTWS and GB have yet to regain their 90s glory. Nevertheless, it's still great to hear new music from an old favorite.

MP3: Odds - Someone Who's Cool

Download Cheerleader via iTunes
Official Site

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