Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The New Morning Light

October has been busy month of vacations, work, illness, etc. I'm just trying to come up with an excuse for failing to share a free Fireman track courtesy of

The Fireman = Paul McCartney + Youth - the inhibitions that keep Macca from letting loose. With this new release by Fireman, he certainly seems to be letting loose. The previous Fireman track I've heard, Sing the Changes, was quite a treat. Now it's time for Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight, and it's quite a departure from Sing the Changes or most of McCartney's music. If you think you need to hear more of the Paul McCartney behind Helter Skelter, Oh! Darling, and Why Don't We Do It In the Road, here you go.

MP3: The Fireman - Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight (via

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