Friday, June 27, 2008

When It Started We Had High Hopes

Ok, so now I'm done with the second half of the new Coldplay album (it's been a busy week sadly) and I have to say, it was somewhat exhilarating. Truly stunning was Yes, which features two seemingly different songs in one. The first tune was a dead ringer for The House of Love (one of my faves) while the last three minutes gave way to shoegazey bliss. You already know the singles Viva la Vida and Violet Hill and how effective they really are - both anthemic and quite memorable. Strawberry Swing was refreshingly catchy.

Kudos, Apple's dad - or better yet, kudos, Brian Eno. You've perhaps helped deliver Coldplay's most fully realized album to date - quite an accomplishment after the frustratingly uneven X&Y. I have to say, I'm quite satisfied.

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