Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Just Hanging Around Then He Fell In Love

I'm not sure why I resisted Panic At The Disco. Maybe it's the whole exclamation point at the end of their name. It's probably because of the whole crapass emo thing. It's not that I hate emo music. It's the damn term. It's an all-encompassing term that I hate almost as much as "Web 2.0". But that's a topic for another blog.

Pretty. Odd. is a fantastic power pop album. I could throw another overused "sounds like Jellyfish" in here. But considering Jellyfish sounds like Queen, The Beatles, ELO, The Beach Boys and a whole slew of others, that term is relatively meaningless.

Anyway, Pretty. Odd. is one of those rare albums that I instantly fell in love with in the first listen and play over and over again for weeks on end. I bought it this morning and have probably listened to it at least 3 times through today. Northern Downpour is incredible. Nine in the Afternoon is another standout for me. Not to mention Do You Know What I'm Seeing?. Shit, the whole damn album rocks. Just buy it already. It's another TooPoppy Guarantee™.

Props to my friend Matt for forcing me to listen to it.


Anonymous said...

It's taken me a couple of listens to Pretty.Odd. to warm up to it, but I do love it. I had to get over the fact that it sounded too much like Sgt. Pepper, or that they wanted it to sound like Sgt. Pepper. But it's a big departure from their earlier stuff, and it's a welcome change, IMHO.

Nice blog - it's good to find others who appreciate good music.

Anonymous said...

chalk up another positive. i wasn't a big fan of the first cd. i saw them live with my daughter and a bunch of teenagers after the first cd and the live show was unbelievably great. this new one is easily my favorite release of the year so far.