Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Bleed All About It

Beautiful Escape - Posies Covers AlbumYou may recall Burning Sky Records' release of Jellyfish covers last year that seemed to be pretty popular in the J-Fish circles. Well, they've done it again - this time with The Posies! Beautiful Escape features a jaw-dropping 45 covers on three discs, including re-workings by Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer themselves as well as many cool poppy groups. For the full track list and to order the collection, click here.

The following was also shared on the Andy Sturmer email list by Alan Heaton at Burning Sky Records:

as far as I know, Jon is not working on another solo album right now. A new Posies album in late 2009 is more likely (and a real possibility)
Bummed there will be no new Auer solo album anytime soon. Songs from the Year of Our Demise is easily my favorite album of the past few years. A classic. New Posies is cool news, though, and surprising coming from a band that supposedly broke up at one time!

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