Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's Hard to Even Want to Try

Matthew Sweet - Sunshine LiesMatthew Sweet seems to have been so poorly managed for so long now (seriously, is there any doubt such minor hits as Girlfriend, I've Been Waiting, Time Capsule, and Sick of Myself should have catapulted him to much more success?) that I shouldn't be surprised by this, but it looks like Sunshine Lies, his first new album in too many years, is now getting pushed back to August 26 from the initially announced date of July 22. Do I know this because his official site and/or HisSpace page have been updated? No. I had to go back to the revised Shout! Factory press release to confirm what I've seen elsewhere (and they even have both dates still listed.) Hell, even the album's wiki page is not yet updated.

Of course, still an open question is which track list is correct? My best guess is the one with 13 tracks, not 16, but what the hell do I know?! What the hell do they know?!


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Anonymous said...

The fact that Girlfriend didn't go multi-platinum is a travesty in and of itself. For someone who was so obsessed with becoming a star - he moved to Athens, Ga., in the 1980s just to become associated with the growing music scene - he seems to have taken a really low profile lately. Here's hoping that his new album will be well received.