Wednesday, May 14, 2008

CONTEST: Innocent Unknowing

Too Poppy is unbelievably more than 3 years old. During that time, we've made it a point to keep it simple and focus almost entirely on the music. We're not trying to change your online life with this modest pet project of ours, which we do entirely for the love of the music. We've never been overwhelmed with an abundance of comments and that suits us just fine. We've also never had a chance to say thanks for reading. We know you're out there (because you actually do comment every now and then.)

This post is a bit different for us. We are contest virgins and you're going to help destroy our innocence. We've been graciously offered 3 copies of Sarah McLachlan's new rarities compilation Rarities, B-Sides 2 And Other Stuff, Volume 2 to give away in any way we see fit. In the spirit of "just pop music" and keeping it simple, here's all you need to do to win:

  1. Post the name of your favorite Sarah tune in the comment section.
  2. Describe why it's your favorite tune.
We'll run this little contest for a week - until May 21. On May 22, Too Poppy's contributors will butt together our opinionated little heads and pick the 3 most genuine and creative comments. We're not looking for essays, we're looking for blurbs. For example, were I eligible for this contest, I would say that Into the Fire is my favorite Sarah tune because it's damn sexy and quite honestly it expanded my personal music universe.

Rules? One entry per person, must be a U.S. resident, must provide some way for us to get a hold of you (trust us, we have no use for your contact information beyond letting you know you won,) must be posted prior to 11:59 p.m. central time on May 21, and our picks are final. If we get only 2 comments, then we'll only give away 2 albums. That'll do.

Until you win, here are excellent ways to preview the album:

Official site
Album Player (preview all songs)
“Ordinary Miracle” Audio (full-length streams): WM / QT

Ready? Set? Go.


Anonymous said...

"Vox," from Touch. I saw the video for it on MuchMusic way back in 1988 and spent the next few weeks searching for her album. It's by far her poppiest (?) single.

Anonymous said...

Hold On from Fumbling Toward Ecstasy. After seeing her in concert and watching the guitarist, I gained a new appreciation for the guitar in the song. Amazing. And the lyrics break my heart.