Monday, October 15, 2007


Matthew Sweet recently celebrated his birthday. Happy that.

Mr. Soundtrack is also featured with Susanna Hoffs on the soundtrack to Ben Stiller's movie that came out earlier this month. So be it.

Hoffs also recently let it slip that she's working with MS on their Volume 2 of covers that will cover the 70s. Gee, I wonder if Big Star will be on there? Check out this stellar portion of the interview:

So where do things stand now, looking forward? Are you guys in the midst of writing and looking to make another album?
Yeah, we're going to start writing. I'm making another record with Matthew Sweet.

Yeah, I was just going to ask you about that.
Yeah. So, Matthew and I are actually working on Volume 2 of Under the Covers.

Yeah, and it'll be the seventies. So, I'm working on that now that I'm home. And the Bangles are starting to write for another record, and yeah, it's going to be a busy and super creative time. So, I'm excited.

So, you have the work with Matthew and then the work with the Bangles.

And the work at home.
Yep, that's it.

Talk about multitasking. Yeah, you got a few balls in the air.
Yeah, I do.

Songs from the BigtopSweet also has a track on an interesting new soundtrack.
For the forthcoming Devon Reed-directed film Songs From the Bigtop, the accompanying soundtrack is to feature an amazing who’s-who of indie rock royalty—including Lisa Germano, the Clientele, Howe Gelb, Matthew Sweet and Built To Spill’s Doug Martsch (okay, so the latter’s band is on a major label… you get the point). The 13 songs were penned by Reed, who subsequently approached some of his favorite artists about performing them.
It won't be released on plastic until next year, and it is reportedly already available on iTunes yet I see no evidence of it anywhere. Pisser. Hopefully it will turn up.

I wish I had news on his new album. I don't.

Happy belated birthday, Matthew Sweet.

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