Monday, October 15, 2007

I Hear Strings

Nada Surf announced more details on their upcoming album due Feb. 5, which seems so far away.

"There is some hard rock, almost early '80s British metal for a couple of minutes," frontman Matthew Caws previously told "I don't even know if the record is going in a positive direction or a vitriolic direction. I think it's getting weirder. But then some songs sound like Tom Petty, which is a great thing if it works and a bummer if it doesn't."

Here is the track list for "Lucky":

"Whose Authority"
"Beautiful Beat"
"Here Goes Something"
"From Now On"
"I Like What You Say"
"Ice on the Wing"
"The Film Did Not Go 'Round"
"The Fox"
"Are You Lightning?"
"See These Bones"
And wouldn't you know it, you can download the See These Bones at theirspace. Neato.

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