Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Think of Everything to Be Discovered

Paul McCartney Live at iTunes Festival LondonHere's one I missed, and shame on me: Paul McCartney has just released an iTunes exclusive live EP: iTunes Festival - London. It includes some of my favorites from the new album as well as two excellent classics.

1. Coming Up
2. Only Mama Knows

3. That Was Me

4. Jet

5. Nod Your Head

6. House of Wax
By the way, Ever Present Past will be the next official single from the album, which is a solid choice. It really reminds me of My Brave Face. And kudos to Hear Music for the promotion of this album. It's the most I've seen for a Macca release since probably Flowers in the Dirt. I even saw a promo for that new Grey's Anatomy spin-off that included EPP. That's not necessarily my favorite way to promote music, but beats the hell out of a McDonald's ad.

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