Wednesday, April 11, 2007

There's A Lot To Be Said

Lots to report on the new Paul McCartney album. Forget that it's on Hear Music, Starbucks' music label. That's virtually irrelevant when it comes to the music. has posted a purported advance tracklist complete with brief descriptions of the tunes:

1. To Be Said - Based on the poem. A short string quartet piece. Delicate.
2. Bring the Dawn - Huge production number, mellatrons to brass, booming drum.
3. Memory Almost Full - Nice pop song (see Driving Rain), likely first single. Some electronica.
4. Love Hear My Thunder - Stones-like rocker. Peak Wings.
5. Robber of Soul - Funky jazz/brass number, unlike anything in catalog so far.
6. Cracks in the Earth - Elec piano ballad, sounds like a chaos track.
7. Buy the Farm - Solid rocker, Steve Miller-ish.
8. It Happens Every Time - Tight tight rocker, best song here.
9. Silent Water - Piano/organ/electronica song- nice lyrics.
10. God Damn Rock 'n Roll - Sounds like a BTTE outtake- almost punk.
11. Pizza and Fairytales - Most Beatle-esue- reminds of Return to Pepperland.
12. Pictures in Song Suite - Almost 15 minutes- a true song suite, divided into four movements- most people won't get how good this is.
Intriguing to say the least. Sounds like a lot of comparisons to both Wings and late Beatles eras, which is a cool thing indeed. Various other sources are reporting that the album will be called Memory Almost Full evidenced by placeholder pages at Barnes and Noble and Amazon UK, as well as the music label's purchase of More here. And, oh yeah, it'll be released on June 5.

Ok, so the fact that he's on a new label, a coffee label no less, is not irrelevant. If it means more of a promotional push to generate excitement like this, I'm all for it. More soon I'm sure.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I've noticed you've posted about Jason Falkner in the past so I thought I'd pass along that he now has 3 songs from the new album streaming at his myspace page. They sound great. Check them out!