Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Every Gesture Matters

Thanks to an "anonymous" comment from "MC," (perhaps?) I'm happy to share with you three new tunes from Jason Falkner's upcoming I'm OK You're OK album. The album is out in Japan next week already (!!!) with a supposed domestic release sometime later. Sigh. Amazon does have it via import, though, starting April 26. Wow, I like what I hear. Classic Falkner.


UPDATE: From Jason himself via hisspace:

Hello all. I have put up 3 songs from my new record "I'm OK You're OK" which is out in Japan in a week! I am currently working on its release for the rest of the world so don't fear it will be released here sometime in the summer. This is the record that would've cracked me had I been made of balsa wood but I am indeed human and I hope you all enjoy my homegrown efforts. Recorded, performed and mixed by yours truly in my various home studios over the past (too many to count)years. Intentionally "mid-fi" this is probably the most personal music I have made. Please loosen your scarf, hold someone's hand and let it in. Thank you jasonf

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