Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Nanny Bakes Fairy Cakes

Hitting the web is news that Paul McCartney has left Capitol Records after 40+ years. The story reports that he will be taking his entire back catalog with him as well (solo, that is) and taking it all to the new label started by Starbucks called Hear Music. Most importantly is that it says Macca will have a new record coming out this fall.

The story says this is all being reported by Fox News, which is impossible to verify because their web site is embarrassingly cluttered. I'm not one to normally jump on a rumor without verifying it with a better news source than FemaleFirst.co.uk, but this is Paul McCartney. More soon I hope.

UPDATE: From the New York Post (not the reputable news source I was looking for) and Fox News (simply "reporting" on the Post's story), it sounds like Starbucks may be close to announcing a new record label called Starbucks Records and McCartney may be releasing his next album on it, not the already existing Hear Music, which merely licenses songs to put on compilations. Nothing mentions him taking along his back catalog. Damn Interweb. Hmm.

UPDATE 2: The official announcement was today (21 March 2007) at the Starbucks annual meeting. Sir Paul McCartney helped announce via conference call.

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Anonymous said...

Hear Music will be the new Starbucks label as announced yesterday - it will go beyond their current compilations and become a "true" record label. http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2007/03/13/starbucks-gets-labeled.aspx?source=eptyholnk303100&logvisit=y&npu=y