Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It's Coming Back to Haunt Me

Guster likes kids -- all kinds of kids -- real kids, indie kids, kids-at-heart. Guster even proved they like kids by "performing" on the hip and seemingly truly original public access show Pancake Mountain, which can be seen in the DC area (public access shows in Des Moines include some crazy old far-right pastor who has an affinity for American flag ties, some cheezy Jesus freak who plays popular Christian music while attempting to lip sync to them, and ghost hunters who never find anything ("the temperature right here is two degrees cooler than over there"), not Pancake Mountain.)

Guster can be seen performing C'mon on Pancake Mountain below.

Guster also produced a "real" video for C'mon, but I think I prefer the Pancake Mountain video.

Me gusta Guster (and public access programs.)