Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I Will Remain the Honest Soldier

Guster has released another animated video. Guster is buds with Chad VanGaaaaaaaaaaaaaalen. Guster had Chad VanG create a "psychotomimetic" video for Lightning Rod. Guster is smart, both with words and with choice of video directors.

Guster SatelliteGuster has released a funky remix of Satellite "with a block-rocking beat and a trance feel." Guster has made this available on iTunes. Guster has also announced an upcoming 8-song Satellite EP coming out "in a couple of months, featuring B-sides, covers, and a dance remix of Satellite with a block-rocking beat and a trance feel."

Guster announced dates for its Spring Campus Consciousness Tour. Guster is again avoiding the rabid fans in Iowa. Guster has disappointed me. Yet, me gusta Guster.

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