Monday, February 19, 2007

Am I Ready For This?

Riverside is back! That is a meaningless statement to 99.9% of people, mostly because they have never heard of the band Riverside. Riverside shares a love for the dreamy, lush sounds of bands like The Ocean Blue. In fact, their first album One was produced by the OB's keyboardist. Their career was essentially pummeled by early-90s grunge, but for those who heard it, One was a hidden gem. In fact my opinion, Waterfall would have been a huge hit in the 80s if it actually had been released in the 80s. Their second album Taste never received a proper release because their record label (Sire) dumped them before it came out. It was released independently in an abbreviated form on cassette years later before the full CD was released independently a few years ago. You can still buy it here. Read more about Riverside here.

Behold, an email from Glenn Kochan (the Riverside guy) came to my inbox and declared:

Riverside returns with new songs and a new band.
They're playing a show in Philly this Friday and that's it. Hopefully it's a sign of new life from one of my favorite "hidden" early-90s bands.

To jog some of your foggy memories, here's the video to Waterfall:

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! A true treasure of an album. I remember seeing them live opening up for Toad (I think). Truly awesome.