Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Choose What You're Watching

thenewno2The Beatles' second generation continues with a (sold-out) release from George's son Dhani.

thenewno2 = dhani harrison + oli hecks
This is definitely a cool direction to go for the son of a Beatle. Sounds better and certainly less whiny than anything Sean Lennon has tried to do to stand out. It sounds different than the shamelessly (albeit lovely) Beatley tunes Julian Lennon puts out. Since James McCartney has limited his music to performing with his pop and Zak Starkey has performed with The Who and Oasis, they haven't put out much of their own material (although Starkey was in The Semantics with Ben Folds and Owsley).

Currently, a promo EP from thenewno2 is out of stock here. You can check out clips from the EP here and here. Hopefully we'll see a proper release from this sometime soon. In the meantime, check out their one and only video.


Anonymous said...

Wow. He really looks and sounds just like Papa George!

2poppy said...

The music sounds very cool but the EP is impossible to find. Even gemm.com didn't have it. One dealer on eBay had it for $39.99. No thanks. Still, I can't wait to hear more.

Anonymous said...

The EP is available on iTunes, if you don't mind buying just the music. I couldn't find a hard copy anywhere either, so I had to settle with purchasing it on iTunes (for about 4 dollars). I'll buy the hard copy if anymore become available, though.

Choose What You're Watching, however, is not on the EP. :(