Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Who Taught You To Live Like That?

Sloan Never Hear The End of ItCanadian power-poppers Sloan are releasing yet another album next week. These guys seem awfully prolific, or maybe that's my excuse for not keeping up. The last album I have is Pretty Together, which was and still is in fact fantastic. Sloan has always had a great too poppy-esque sound, but their availability in the states has been limited. Never Hear the End of It will be available on, though, and it sounds very interesting:

Never before has a Sloan record generated such extreme reviews by critics and fans. The band's eighth studio recording, Never Hear the End of It, contains a whopping 30 songs on one disc, ranging from 50 seconds to just over five minutes in length. The bulk of those tracks average roughly two-and-a-half minutes and bleed into each other--at times rather abruptly.
Lots of Sloan on iTunes so I wouldn't be surprised to find the new one there next week. Time to bulk up my collection.

MP3: Sloan - Who Taught You To Live Like That? (via)

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