Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Everything I'll Ever Be I've Been

Matthew Sweet Altered BeastAny new Matthew Sweet album is reason enough to elicit squeals of excitement from yours truly, which is why Rock Bottom is easily my most anticipated release of 2007. Nonetheless, no news yet on it, but it is scheduled to be released "Fall 2006, Spring 2007" (thanks for narrowing that down). You can still preview the album at hisspace. And still no update to the official site despite the promise that it would be updated "Spring 2006," which makes me think maybe we'll get a new album from Sweet "Spring 2008." Whatever.

I do write about Sweet for a reason, though. The Onion's AV Club has honored his fourth studio album and first post-Girlfriend album Altered Beast in it's Hall of Fame feature. It could never live up to expectations being released after such a masterpiece, but it is incredible and deserves its own recognition. I've always found it to be darker and louder than anything else he's released, which always makes for a nice cathartic listen. I mean, Someone to Pull the Trigger is ridiculously depressing yet effective nonetheless. I remember hearing it in concert before the album came out and just smiling because it is quintessential Sweet pathos. Also on Altered Beast is one of my top five Sweet favorites of all time, Devil With the Green Eyes.

Also, Blogcritics Magazine designated Girlfriend as last year's third best reissue. Still haven't picked up the remastered album, but I definitely should as it's easily one of my go-to-at-anytime records.

I've also seen a few lists that included the Sweet and Susanna Hoffs covers project as one of the best of the year. You'll notice it didn't make my list. I found it extremely pleasant but a bit boring and too reverent. I suppose that's the danger in doing covers of your heroes.

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