Friday, June 09, 2006

So Don't Stay Too Long

I can't remember the last time I've seen and heard a music video that actually captured my attention for more than the first 30 seconds. Thanks to the new (relatively new to me anyway) music video program 360 that airs in Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota, Extra Blue Kind is now a band I must learn more about. You can learn more about this Indianapolis band on their official website and you can hear a few tunes on theirspace. I'm really digging Pinch, Blink, Stay Alive. In fact, you can watch the same video that caught my attention below.

Watching 360 on a Friday night brings me way back to my teenage days of living in Chicago and watching JBTV (which is still on!). Always great when you couple nostalgia with a new discovery.

Oh, and by the way fellow Iowans, Extra Blue Kind is gracing us with their presence at the Vaudeville Mews (as if there'd be any place else) on August 24. I'm going!

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