Saturday, June 10, 2006

Do You Think You Could Deliver My Soul?

Matthew SweetI simply cannot believe that it was 15 years ago that Matthew Sweet released the classic Girlfriend. 15 YEARS!!! To celebrate, he's re-releasing it Tuesday in a double-disc remastered version, which will include the b-sides to the original Girlfriend single and the rare promo-only Goodfriend disc. In typical Matthew Sweet fashion, it's not getting nearly enough attention (although it was pleasantly surprising to see it listed in EW's Must List this week). You'd think they'd get his official site live again for this occasion! This is one of the best power pop CDs to ever be released (although it truly transcends any genre labels), and to think it was only a minor hit. Now is the time to get yourself a spiffy new copy. You can already order from Amazon naturally.

It's difficult to narrow down my favorites on the album: Divine Intervention (unbelievable live), Girlfriend, Evangeline, Holy War, Nothing Lasts, I Wanted to Tell You, I've Been Waiting, Winona, You Don't Love Me, Looking at the Sun ... it's almost embarassing how many great songs are on this one album! If you're reading Too Poppy and you don't own this album -- shame. It's a prerequisite for the enjoyment of any modern pop (and to be my friend of course). But you're forgiven because here's your chance to own the remastered special edition.


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