Monday, April 24, 2006

Put on the Telly to the BBC

Under the Covers, Vol. One was released last week (remember, the collaboration between Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs where they cover delightful 60s tunes?). Got my nifty autographed copy in the mail from Not Lame. Gotta love Not Lame. How cool to have a CD booklet touched by both Sweet and Hoffs (it just adds to my Sweet collection)! Anyway, for a covers album, it's as peachy as you'd want it to be with their candy like voices oozing over both classics and obscurities. It's a neat formula that works, and their voices blend ever so nicely.

Here's a great loose and casual interview with Sid n Susie courtesy of Bullz-eye. It would be pretty cool to just get all music-geek with those two. And what?!? Hoffs was born in 59? Dang, she's still got some nice gams.

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