Friday, April 21, 2006

Look Around and Choose Your Own Ground

Dark Side of the RainbowRoger Waters has announced tour dates this year. I'm hoping David Gilmour will announce some North American tour dates as well and end up playing the same town as Waters. Perhaps they will see each other, hug, say "Live 8 was cool," and rip into a full performance of the Wall. Fans can dream, yes? Evidently, half of Waters' show will be a complete run-through of Dark Side of the Moon. Thanks, stereogum.

On a related note, the comments to stereogum's post has some amusing anecdotes about the sync between Dark Side and Wizard of Oz. I actually tried this once much to the chagrin of my wife and friend. My buddy got bored ten minutes in or so, but I stuck it out. There are some interesting coincidences, but if you compare those with every part where it really doesn't sync, you'll realize that we're all dumbasses for ever believing it in the first place. See for yourself, but don't expect the best quality.

And no, I wasn't under any influence during this experiment. I'm just a geek looking for any excuse to listen to Pink Floyd while watching one of the most creepy yet endearing movies I've ever seen.


Anonymous said...

The other person watching this experiment was too busy looking for the guy hanging in the background. It too is fake. Are there ANY WoOz legends to hold on to? Is NOTHING sacred?

2poppy said...

Yeah, that was lame. The hangman was nothing more than some dumb, big bird. I suppose before DVD quality, it would have been difficult to see this.