Friday, March 24, 2006

Why Can't They Just Say What They Mean?

Caught the Wilco show at the Val-Air Ballroom Wednesday night. Great show as you'd expect. I disagree with the Des Moines Register's Kyle Munson's assessment that Jeffy Tweedy was goofy and hamming it up though, and the Ringo analogy was a bit of a stretch. But the Beatles analogy to Wilco overall is not, I don't think. When Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (their creative zenith IMO) was released, I couldn't help but be reminded of the White Album. It was grounded in pop music, but they threw in so many curve balls that it made it very unique and interesting. Seeing them for the first time this week made me imagine the Beatles would have sounded like that if they were still performing live during the White Album period. Wilco is virtually unmatched in sheer musicianship on-stage.

Check out the set-list here. Ending it on a cover of (Don't Fear) the Reaper was quite inspired.

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