Friday, March 24, 2006

Resilience in the face of failure is a manifestation of the mind...

Whilst preparing for this past Wilco concert BonjiPop, 2Poppy, and myself decided to embark on a task to share some musical loves. One of mine has caused me to listen to the Flaming Lips nearly nonstop for the last two days. We've written about the Lips before and as much as I love them they do have some songs which make me wonder why. That said, their new album has yet to give me a song I don't love.

While researching which songs to include on my disc I came across this article from IGN which gives a song-by-song breakdown, written by Wayne himself, of At War With The Mystics. I love this stuff and I wish I had this for my favorite albums. Keeps me from reading too much or too little into a song. A rare glimpse into the mind of the artist which in this case is quite interesting.

Check out POMPEII AM GĂ–TTERDĂ„MMERUNG found at Motel de Moka which Wayne calls, "A galloping Godhead melody (reminiscent of the German National Anthem) telling a vague story of a young couple planning their suicide."

At War With The Mystics in stores April 4th.

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