Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Simple Fact Is I'm Too Attracted by the Glow

BleuPop master Bleu recently sent out his email newsletter with details on lots of goodies:

..i am going in the studio tOday (yAy!) to finish up my two side-projects...i
hope to be done with --The Blizzard of '05-- and --L.E.O.-- (formerly
called elope) by the end of next month...

More about the Blizzard can be found on hisspace. Sounds moody.

LEO sounds very interesting. It started off as an homage to ELO. It sounds like it's become much more, a "Traveling Wilburys-esque ... power-pop-collective" featuring greats like Andy Sturmer, Mike Viola, John Fields, Matt Mahaffey, and many more. Very cool for power pop fans. I pay close attention to whatever folks like Sturmer, Viola, and Fields do. They ooze pop talent. Stream tracks at theirspace.

Finally, there's A Watched Pot, his new album. "...i'm not sure when this project will be finished (s00n), but, i'm pretty determined to get it out thiS frEEgin' yeAr..." Demos can be heard on hisspace.

If you'd rather avoide MySpace, I don't blame you. Bleu also promises he'll update his official site by the end of the month.

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